About OCS

Who should attend OCS?

If you work at a small, medium or large Enterprise company in a technology leadership, management or decision making capacity (CTO/CIO org), you should attend OCS to network with, learn about and meet the latest and most innovative COSS companies in the world and how they go-to-market, build their products, innovate and drive value for their stakeholders, including their customers.

If you are an Investor (angel to late stage), you should attend OCS to meet, learn about and gain access to the largest concentration of aspiring, current and future COSS founders globally. Many of whom are actively raising capital.

If you are a FOSS maintainer, contributor, you should attend OCS to learn about if and how your Open-Source project might be able to serve as the basis for a COSS company that you could potentially start yourself.

If you are a Team member in tech, you should attend OCS to learn about how products are built, how sales and marketing work, how hiring is run, how engineering leadership works, how research teams operate in Open-Source environments and more.

If you are an Analyst/media, you should attend OCS to learn about one of the fastest growing new categories in technology, the COSS movement.

If you are a Cloud provider, you should attend OCS to learn about the growing COSS ecosystem that partners heavily with leading cloud providers in order to build their differentiated managed services.

If you are a Management consultant / Systems Integrator provider, you should attend OCS to meet with the COSS ecosystem builders and vendors in order to best advise your clients on engagements that can gain a strategic advantage through the value creation leverage of the Open-Source core model.

If you are a SaaS founder, you are still welcome to OCS in order to learn about the practicality, how-to insights and tradeoffs of the Open Core approach!

Is OCS focused on a specific technology or vendor agenda?

No. OCS is entirely vendor agnostic and technology agnostic. OCS is focused on the COSS category, which includes many technologies and many vendors globally. OCS is run as a vendor neutral conference and community focused on inclusive promotion of knowledge and insights that are objectively valuable based on a wide variety of experiences from leading speakers and contributors.

Is OCS focused on promoting one kind of business model or VC agenda?

No. OCS focuses on globally democratizing knowledge of the COSS category which has a number of business models: pure support/services, cloud hosting, commercial IP add-ons, training and more. Additionally, several of the most successful COSS companies of all time have never raised any VC or outside funding to get to scale: Jetbrains, Automattic, Liferay, Odoo and more.

How is OCS different from OSCON, Linux Foundation’s OSS (Open Source Summit) and/or All Things Open?

OCS is uniquely focused on the COSS (Commercial Open-Source) category which aims to globally democratized access to learnings and knowledge at the intersection of Open-Source and technology business building. For example, answering questions about how Elastic went from the first code commit to large scale? How do you build a successful product around an Open-Source core project and manage the investments of energy across those two domains (hiring, culture, engineering, strategy and more)? How do leading Enterprises view the COSS ecosystem and its vendors in terms of technology migrations, digital transformation and driving innovation? These kinds of questions and more are the focus of OCS.

All other major Open-Source focused events highlight the meteoric rise of Open-Source itself, how Open-Source adoption is changing global industries, educating more people about the fundamentals of Open-Source, what latest Open-Source technologies are driving disruption and more. OCS is hugely supportive and a friend to all the leading Open-Source focused conferences and communities globally.

Who speaks at OCS?

Enterprises talk about how they partner with the COSS ecosystem and use COSS technology to digitally transform their organizations.

Investors talk about how they evaluate and invest in COSS companies.

Founders and builders talk about how they build and scale COSS companies.

When is OCS this year?

December 6-7, 2023. Day 1 will be a mostly single track keynote day, with a few breakouts and lightning talks. Day 2 will provide ample networking, and three (3) tracks across 35 interactive sessions from amazing speakers around the world. 

Where and how is OCS occurring this year?

OCS 2023 will take place in-person at Pier 27 in San Francisco, California. A live stream ticket is also available for Day 1.

How can I register for OCS?

For OCS 2023, please register at: https://opencoresummit.com/.  

Is there a CFP for OCS? How do I submit a talk session?

For OCS 2023, no CFP will be offered publicly. Talks will been carefully selected and curated by the organizer committee. 

I want to sponsor OCS, who do I contact?

Please, email: sponsor@opencoresummit.com.

My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?

Please, email: events@opencoresummit.com