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At Automattic, our goal is to make the web a better place. With products like, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Tumblr, and WordPress VIP, we help support customers through web hosting, e-commerce, security and backups, enterprise infrastructure, and more. Automattic is a distributed company with employees working from 95 countries speaking 120 different languages. We believe in open source, and the vast majority of our work is available under the GPL. For more, visit

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OSS Capital is the first and only institutional VC focused on investing in COSS startups exclusively at the earliest stages, mostly at incorporation. Our portfolio represents the largest collection of the fastest growing COSS startups across all categories including Applications, Infrastructure, AI/ML, Data and more. We recently crossed more than 1 million GitHub stars and more than 20 projects with > 20K stars each. Aggregate portfolio contributors also recently crossed 10,000 global open source maintainers.

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Leading the WebAssembly revolution, Wasmer Inc. develops the Wasmer runtime for executing WebAssembly anywhere. They recently launched Wasmer Edge as a (soon-to-be-open-sourced) cheaper alternative to the Clouds. Logo provides open source scheduling infrastructure for everyone. was founded to connect one billion people by 2031 through open-source scheduling infrastructure. They emphasize the importance of open, accessible software that can be customized and self-hosted, catering to both customers and businesses. promotes open salaries and operates as a fully distributed team inviting individuals passionate about open-source and web infrastructure to join them.

Open BB Logo

OpenBB is a leading open-source investment research software platform that provides access to high-quality financial market data and analytical tools. Our mission is to make investment research effective, powerful, and accessible to everyone.

Documenso Logo

Documenso’s mission is to create an open signing infrastructure that empowers the world, enabling businesses to embrace openness, cooperation, and transparency. As a fundamental act of society, we believe that signing should embody these values. We offer an open-source signing solution to make document signing accessible, transparent, and trustworthy.

Formbricks is an open-source Experience Management tool that helps businesses understand what customers think and feel about their products. It integrates natively into your platform to conduct user research with a focus on data privacy and minimal development intervention.

ResearchHub is an open-source, tokenized social network that rewards scientists for sharing scholarly content. We are building a suite of collaboration and publication tools that help scientists work together, share their findings, and accelerate the pace of their research.

Draw Things: AI-assisted Image Generation in Your Pocket. Based on popular Stable Diffusion models, Draw Things helps you create images you have in mind in minutes rather than days. It is free, runs everything 100% offline on your device to preserve your privacy.

AppFlowy is an AI-powered secure workspace where you achieve more without losing control of your data.

We‘re building the AT Protocol, a new foundation for public conversation and social networking which gives creators independence from platforms, developers the freedom to build, and users a choice in their experience.

CrabNebula empowers developers to create better apps that are privacy-centered and secure-by-design: on all platforms and form-factors.

W4 Games is an Irish startup that aims to revolutionize the game industry by introducing the COSS business model. The company provides commercial services for the entirely open and community-developed Godot platform. This allows companies to reclaim control of the technology powering their applications with more freedom and flexibility.

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative that provides all the backend features developers need to ship reliable applications in days instead of months: a Postgres database, Authentication, instant APIs, Edge Functions, Realtime subscriptions, Storage, and Vector embeddings.

Plane is an open-source project management tool to manage issues, sprints, and product roadmaps. Plane helps you break out of opinionated project management tools, inflexible features, and turbulent pricing. Move work forward, backward, up, down, and sideways when you need to the way you want to. No changing well-oiled processes. No learning new features. No lectures. Just Plane project management. Our mission is to help teams progress better and faster with peace of mind.

Revert is an open-source unified API to build & maintain product integrations. 

Aitomatic is at the forefront of industrial AI, championing AI independence and open-source AI initiatives. Our flagship product, the aiVA system, and OpenSSA technology, epitomize our commitment to integrating advanced AI with deep domain expertise. aiVA helps companies leverage their domain knowledge to solve complex industrial problems. As the creators of the OpenSSA project, we lead the way in developing small, specialist AI agents. We are creators of Human-First AI (H1st) project, emphasizing human-centric AI approaches and the Distributed DataFrame (DDF)—a groundbreaking approach to distributed R implementation on Apache Spark.

OpenSSA is an open-source framework for Small Specialist Agents (SSAs), problem-solving AI agents specifically designed to address complex industrial problems. These small, specialist agents excel in their domains, offering efficient, adaptable solutions where general AI falls short. Capable of operating solo or in teams, OpenSSAs blend human expertise with seamless integration into various industrial systems. Their small size and specialist nature make them exceptionally efficient and effective for real-world industrial challenges. OpenSSA is ideal for those in need of powerful, yet easy-to-deploy AI tools, fostering innovation while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Dub is an open-source link management tool for modern marketing teams to create, share, and track short links.

Nous Research is a private applied research group. We publish open-source work in the LLM domain, including local models, datasets, and core architectural improvements.

Streamline your asset operations with Shelf. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, Shelf makes it easy to keep track of what you own. Our asset management software lets you create, categorize, and search your asset inventory quickly and easily. With powerful reporting features, you’ll have a clear picture of what you own and where it’s located. Asset reservations and bookings coming soon. Proudly open source.

PingCAP – The Most Advanced Distributed SQL Database for Modern Applications. TiDB delivers reliable SQL at scale and real-time analytics in ONE database.

Build Databases As Spreadsheets: No-Coding Required. NocoDB allows building no-code database solutions with ease of spreadsheets. Bring your own database or choose ours! Millions of rows? Not a problem. Your Data. Your rules. You are in control.

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